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First Tuesdays Free: June 2019

  • 818 Coworking 818 Lake St. Evanston, IL (map)
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First Tuesdays Free!

818 Coworking is open to everyone on the first Tuesday of every month. Stop by anytime between 8:30AM - 5:30PM for a FREE day of coworking. Registration required. Limited number of tickets available.

Free snacks + coffee!


You are welcome to bring your own lunch.

Meditation Made Easy

Have you ever tried meditation and gotten frustrated because your monkey-mind would just chatter harder, instead of quieting? Have you been too afraid to try meditation because it seems woo-woo and like you’ll be the “weirdo,” in the room, even though you’ve read about it’s massive benefits? Have you tried apps like Headspace, Insight Timer or others, and just can’t seem to get into the habit?

Never fear! Meditation *can* be an easy and simple process that you can do anywhere - at any noise level - as long as you can sit with your eyes closed, safely. Join Kelsey Mathes, founder of Kām Meditation, to learn about the 3 different major styles of meditation, how they work differently on your brain and body, and get started with easy, self-sustaining techniques right away. No apps, headphones or special meditation-corners required.

Kelsey strives to make meditation easy and relatable so you can get all the benefits of a regular practice, daily.

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