Sheldon Lutte: Enterprise Software Architect


Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Sheldon Lutte. I’ve lived in Evanston since 1990. I moved here from Omaha, Nebraska. I love Sci-Fi, things that come apart and go back together again, clever writing, French jazz, the Marvel universe, skiing way too fast and helping people fix things they took apart and can’t get back together again. My wife is a SAG actor. She and I live in a vintage penthouse condo a few blocks from the lake.

What is your work and why are you passionate about it? 

I’m an enterprise software architect. I designed the Crate and Barrel point-of-sale, in-store gift registry, and employee support systems. The software and tech I design has to be easy to use, nice to look at, robust and highly available for many people, in many countries, in many languages. I love the mix of tech, process and design, but seeing amazing, beautiful design in tech is what I’m really passionate about. When the Tesla S came out, I think I lost my mind.

Now I’m founder and president of One 2 Three, Inc. and am currently working on new products to help collaborate and unite the gig economy.

What have you most enjoyed about being a part of the 818 community? 

I chose 818 because it was such a beautiful space with such a great vibe. I was staking it out when they were building it. I stay at 818 because the people here are high quality and it’s really helpful to work around a group that inspires you.

What’s your favorite thing to do around Evanston?

I’m a movie snob and I actually rave about screen #2 at Century theater. For live shows, Union/Space blows my mind. So many big names play there. The oak fired pizza is nice, but I kill for Union Squared’s Detroit-style pizza across the street. Drinks? Skip the bar, go to the roof above Taco Diablo for mezcal margaritas. Raining? Temperance tap room. Overdressed? Hearth restaurant.

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