Brian Zisook (a.k.a. Z): Owner of DJBooth


Please introduce yourself:

My name is Brian Zisook, I am 34 years old, and I am a lifelong Chicagoan. I graduated from Illinois State University in 2006, with a degree in radio broadcasting and journalism. I currently reside in Skokie, Illinois, with my wife, Jami, and my two-year-old daughter, Zoey.

What is your job/profession and why are you passionate about it:

I co-own and operate DJBooth, a digital music publication and media house, for which I serve as our Editor-in-Chief; I handle artist relations for Audiomack, a streaming music and audio distribution platform; and I work as an A&R consultant for Visionary Records, a SONY Music imprint.

All three of these positions were created out of thin air. I went to school for radio broadcasting and journalism and I somehow made a career out of a hobby. I love being able to provide a platform for developing artists who deserve the chance to be heard by the masses. It’s very fulfilling.

What have you most enjoyed about being a part of the 818 community?

Being out of my house, haha. In all seriousness, though, 818 is everything I needed in a coworking space and more. The environment is friendly and conducive to productivity. The space is aesthetically pleasing. The cost is manageable. Most importantly, though, the people are amazing.

What’s your life motto?

“Engage brain before putting mouth in gear.” - Brian’s Mom, Renee

Dan Bleier