SAGE: Sentencing Advocacy of Evanston


Name: Sentencing Advocacy of Evanston, or SAGE

Please introduce yourself: We are, in no particular order, because we are opposed to order,  Betsy Wilson, Rachel Meriwether, Aleca Sullivan, Mary O'Brian, Elisabeth Pratt, Haley Volpintesta, Heather Sweeney, Sierra Bartlett, Lillian Huang-Cummins, and Katherine Cardinias. And we make attorneys look great. We'd never be so bold as to call ourselves the Justice League, but we humbly accept should others choose to do so.

What is your job/profession and why are you passionate about it? The Sentencing Advocacy Group of Evanston is a multi-disciplinary mitigation and sentencing-advocacy practice. We work nation-wide on both capital and non-capital cases.

Sage conducts social history investigations on state and federal, capital and non-capital, pre-trial and post-conviction cases. We provide detailed information about the social, biological, and environmental forces that have shaped our client. 

We compile a unified narrative that attempts to explain the context of the crime and the client’s humanity.   We're passionate about our work for far too many reasons that we can fit in an into a group bio, so in summary we'll say that this profession and practice allows for us to fight back against egregious systemic failures that have brutalized, criminalized, and marginalized some of our nation's most abused, abandoned, and vulnerable. Doing our work is a far more satisfying effort in pushing back than a lengthy Facebook rant about who we hate and why. Though we like those too. Not as much as we like a great meme about a cat acting like a jerk, but still. 

What have you most enjoyed about being a part of the 818 community? The ownership is always so warm and welcoming. The snacks are delish. And the bathroom soap smells great!

What’s your life motto? "If I've learned anything, it's that things can always get weirder."

Elie Bleier